Videos of Caro & Topete Guitars

Company Videos

Overview of Caro & Topete Guitars

Another View of Caro & Topete Guitars

Ian at Westwood Music Demos Model DSc

John Kopecky at Jim's Music Center
Model ESe with Barbera Transducer

Performance Videos

Mauricio Hernandez Monterrubio Model MX

B.J Golden Intro for Brantley Gilbert

Steinar Aadnekvam (Freedom's Trio) plays
Model ESe with Barbera Transducer

Jose Maria Lopez plays a Model ESe

Amir John Haddad plays a Model MX

Dale Kavanagh in concert using Model CS

Gilberto Gonzalez on "Todo Es Un Misterio"

Alonso Aguirre - Guitarist and Composer

David Mozqueda and Winfried Kellner

Bach Concerto in Dm (bwv974) by Antonio Barajas

"For The First Time" - performed by Eduardo Ulloa

Yussi Wenger on a custom 8 string guitar by Ernesto Caro

Other Videos

David Filio Demo (Spanish)

David Filio Demo