Currently being offered in the U.S. are nylon stringed acoustic guitars, steel stringed guitars (developed specifically for the U.S. market), and two electric guitars which include a solid body nylon stringed guitar and Caro & Topete's own Archtop jazz guitar. All guitars are hand crafted in their Guadalajara shop under the direct supervision of master luthier Ernesto Caro. Tonewoods for these fine instruments are sourced from the vast stockpiles in Paracho, Michoacan.

Custom guitars are also available to meet any specialized needs, please contact us for information on the type of instrument you may desire.  Examples of custom instruments include the Flamenco guitar built for B.J. Golden (see our Artist section) and a 12- string Nylon Stringed guitar specially fabricated for a client in Los Angeles.

Any of the acoustic guitars can be provided with electronics without significant loss of acoustic properties for use in studio or live performances.  We prefer  Barbera Soloist Transducers, which very accurately reproduces the acoustic sound of these guitars, and have found that they achieve the power and balance of these beautiful instruments when amplified.  We can optionally install electronics from other manufacturers if desired by the client.  

Summary of Caro & Topete Guitars Models

Nylon Stringed Guitars

         MX - concert level nylon

         ES - professional grade nylon

         DS - standard series nylon 

Steel Stringed Acoustic Guitars

          FX - concert level steel

          FE - professional grade steel

          FD - standard series steel

Electric Guitars

         NS - nylon stringed solid body guitar with Barbera Transducer

         Archtop - fine jazz guitar with Benedetto pickup 

Explore any of these fine instruments using the links below.

Nylon Stringed Series

These guitars represent the culmination of years of experience with materials and building techniques and embody the unique Caro & Topete design elements developed over more than a decade of experimentation. They are available in three different quality levels to meet the needs of any guitarist, whether a concert performer or a weekend strummer.  


        Model MX - concert level nylon stringed guitar


      Model ES - professional grade nylon stringed guitar


        Model DS - standard nylon stringed guitar


Steel Stringed Acoustic Guitars

These fine steel stringed instruments utilize the exclusive Caro & Topete interior bracing and soundboard design modified for the increased tension of steel strings.  They are available in three quality levels which offer a range of tonewoods and features. 


         Model FX - concert level steel stringed guitar 


      Model FE - professional grade guitar with cutaway


          Model FD - standard series steel stringed guitar


Electric Guitars

Caro & Topete is proud to offer these exceptional electric guitars to complement their line of acoustic instruments, addressing the diverse needs of performing guitarists. The Model NS is a nylon stringed solid body guitar and the Archtop is based upon the design of the great jazz guitar luthiers.  Both offer extremely high levels of quality and performance at very affordable price points.


          Model NS - solid body nylon stringed guitar


         Archtop Jazz Guitar with Benedetto pickup